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Rita's End of Year Flag Celebration Fundraiser

Posted by jbrown1 on Oct 20 2014 - 10:11pm

 November 11th is our last Flag event for 2014.  Let's celebrate with  Rita's!!   Yahoo!

Scouts participating with Flags or Flyer distribution in uniform will get FREE Rita's.

Troop Elections: November 3rd

Posted by tking on Oct 17 2014 - 7:39am
With only 2 troop meetings before the November 3rd Troop Elections, it's time for all scouts that are First Class or higher to think about and express their troop leadership position interests to the current SPL so that the newly elected SPL will have this information to assign troop leadership positions after the Patrol Leaders have been elected by their patrols. The November 3rd Troop Elections is an extremely important meeting for all scouts to attend, as they will elect their SPL, ASPLs, and Patrol Leaders. All Troop level leadership positions must be assigned before the November 8th Troop Leadership Training session, as it's imperative that all Troop Leaders attend this training session.
The Troop Leadership Position Descriptions and qualifications are listed in an attachment under Training - Youth on the Troop Website and attached to this announcement. At the end of this document is a Leadership Position Application that must be completed by all scouts that have reached First Class, and turned into the current SPL no later than prior to the Troop Elections.

Fry's Community Rewards Quarterly Balance Ending Sep 30 Now Available

Posted by tking on Oct 6 2014 - 8:50pm

Your quarterly balance ending September 30th is now available for Fry's Rewards. Please either print or show your balance to Mr. Koivisto to credit your Scout Account with the troop as soon as possible.

Mon. Oct 20th: New Scout/Tenderfoot Class

Posted by tking on Oct 6 2014 - 10:20am

On Monday, October 20th, Troop Guides and Instructors will be available at 6:30 PM at The Bridge to work with any new scouts on requirements for Scout and Tenderfoot. If you are a new scout, please come to the meeting early at 6:30 PM to meet with the guides and instructors as well as Dr. Nguyen to work on these rank requirements and ask any questions about rank advancement, patrol method, etc.

You can sign up online to indicate your attendance but it is not required. If you need help, please arrive at 6:30 PM with your book and a pen.

All of our troop guides and instructors are expected to attend this class at 6:30 PM. Please also sign up online to indicate your attendance.


Oct. 24-26 Horton Springs Backpack Trip

Posted by tking on Oct 2 2014 - 7:49am

The Horton Springs backpack outing is perfect for scouts of all ages/experience in backpacking (3.5 miles to campsite with 1,200' of easy to moderate elevation change). . We will have a program with Scout skills including a firewood gathering challenge with the winning patrol having the honor to build and start the campfire, fishing, playing near or in the creek, capture the flag game with glo-sticks, and a campfire.  We may also take an exploratory day hike.  Sunday we will have a short religious service.  Each patrol will perform a skit or tell a story at the campfire.  Bring a spare set of clothes and shoes in case yours get wet.  If time permits; we may get to visit one of the most fossiliferous sites in the state before we return home.  There are literally millions of invertebrate fossils of the Pennsylvanian age to be found in the weathered limestone, shale and sandstone. 

Summer High Adventure Trip to Emerald Bay (June 7-13)

Posted by tking on Sep 23 2014 - 7:50am

Troop 365 is going to Catalina Island to experience the Rugged ‘E’ program offered at Camp Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay, located on the undeveloped West End of Catalina Island, enjoys unparalleled access to the natural gems of Catalina's singular ecosystem. The secluded beaches and coves that surround us boast world-renowned snorkeling and diving, frequently counted among the top ten destinations in the world.

As Rugged Explorers, you will be challenged to experience a little bit of everything.  You will lead your crew up one of the highest peaks on Catalina Island, soar down hills on a unique mountain biking endeavor, cruise through crystal waters in a canoe, snorkel the brilliant waters surrounding the camp, and spend many starlit nights on beaches around the island.

Participants in Rugged Explorers must be 14 years old by September 1st, 2015.

Date: June 7-June 13, 2015
Cost: Early Bird fee (our goal) $574 scout/$399 adult plus transportation
$50 deposit required by November 17, 2014; entire camp fee due March 9.
Needed: Qualified adventurous scouts and at least 2 adults


Check it out and let Mrs. Buchanan know ASAP if you are interested.

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