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Eagle Scout Court of Honor - Need feedback and members for a committee

Posted by rvideen on May 20 2015 - 8:21am
Hi Troop 365 Life Scouts and Scouters (adults),
There has been some discussion on how Troop 365 should award their Eagle Scouts and also how more Eagle Scouts could have their Eagle Court of Honor.
I’m going to create a “sub committee” to do the following:

1. Give an approximate cost of Eagle items times the number you expect in a given year that will reach their goal (neckerchief, slide, kit) At this time there is not an allocation for that in the budget but we can anticipate and put a line for that in the upcoming years. 

2. What would you and your committee like to see the troop do?  Propose something (with approximate costs)

3. Are any of the scouts actually interested in having 2 meetings a year to service the Eagle COH?  That will mean they will probably share the stage with other scouts.  If they would like that, what would they expect/want from the troop vswhat  their families provide?  

4. What is some of the feedback from scouts who do not want COH?  Is it money or something else?  If they do not have a COH, then do I assume they will not recieve the neckerchief and slide or can they recieve that without a COH.  Maybe for some that would be enough and can even be handed out at the general troop meeting.

This discussion was tabled until you came up with additonal information, so at this time I do not have an answer for Court.  I will assume that the Committee would approve the neckerchief and slide at thist time, but not the entire packet.  Several of us (older ones) do not remember the troop ever presenting the boys with the Eagle kits or such.  Another question is If we start this, do we move forward from now or do we reimburse boys from the past?  How far back?  

Maybe the troop needs to increase the dues to cover such items?

I plan to gather my sub committee and talk with prospective Eagle scouts and then get back to Mrs. Buchanan.
If you are interested in giving your ideas, feedback and questions on these topics, please sign up on the website and I will schedule the meetings. 
Yours in Scouting,
Fred Pfeifer
Troop 365, Asst. Scoutmaster
Sign up here and or send your comments to Mr. Pfeifer at the above email address


Troop Election Results & Mandatory Youth Leadership Training

Posted by tking on May 18 2015 - 4:31pm

Troop elections were held at this week's troop meeting. Congratulations to the following scouts:

Senior Patrol Leader: Carl Shull
Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders: Kaleb Brunmeier & Ethan Nuckolls

Aliens Patrol Leader: Jason Benedict
Aliens Assistant PL: Adam Spiller

Bears Patrol Leader: Chris Middleton
Bears Assistant PL: Nathan Nguyen

Buccaneers Patrol Leader: Blake Nuckolls
Buccaneers Assistant PL: Please Notify Mrs. King of Election Results

Dragons Patrol Leader: Keaton Roberge
Dragons Assistant PL: Grant Valentine

Scorpions Patrol Leader: Zach Reiland
Scorpions Assistant PL: Peter Gymrek

The remaining leadership positions are appointed by your newly elected Senior Patrol Leader and/or the Scoutmaster. If a name is not listed, the position is not known to be filled at this time. Contact Carl Shull if interested in this position ASAP.

Lead Troop Guide: Michael Oless
Troop Guides: Peter Ambelang, Blake Boer, Peter Gmyrek, Ben King, Michael Mankoski, David Shull, Geoffrey Stephens, Robert Whitten
Instructor: Nathan Nguyen
Troop Scribe: Matthew Monaghan
Historians: Victor Montagnese & Jarret Videen
Librarian: Keaton Roberge
Chaplain Aide: Tristan Marsitto
OA Representative:
Campfire Skitmaster:

May 22: Diamondbacks Scout Night

Posted by tking on May 5 2015 - 2:13pm

May 22nd is designated as Scout Night at the Diamondbacks game. They offer special pricing for tickets as well as an opportunity to spend the night at the stadium (you can just attend the game or both attend the game and sleep over).

This is not a troop level outing. If a Scout wishes to attend, he must attend with a guardian (and transportation is on your own as well) though certainly, if possible, scout families can meet up at the event or work together to share driving.

Mr. Williams has offered to coordinate the purchase of tickets for any scouts/families interested in attending. Please provide him with payment by May 11th (next troop meeting). Ticket/pricing options are listed on the attached form.

Click here for more details about this event.

May 29-31: Lockett Meadow Base Camp

Posted by tking on May 4 2015 - 9:28am

Our next outing will be a base camp at Lockett Meadow, north of Flagstaff. This will be a fun-filled weekend of hiking, orienteering, and scout skills at on of the prettiest campgrounds in Northern Arizona. We will have 2 hikes - one for more experienced scouts 14+ years and another for newer scouts. The experienced hiking group will take the Weatherford Trail to the saddle or potentially higher above the tree line. The shorter hike will follow the pump house road. On Sunday, there will be orienteering exercises and scout skills.


June 27-July4: Summer Camp Geronimo News & Updates

Posted by tking on Apr 21 2015 - 9:35am

If you have NOT signed up for Summer Camp, you need to do so ASAP with Mr. Oless or Mr. Hetrick!!!! For new scouts and younger scouts, this is the best way period to get a solid start on your Trail to Eagle. If you are a new scout, you really should be going to Camp Geronimo this summer! Parents are welcome to talk to Mr. Oless or Mr. Hetrick if there are questions or concerns!

Download the 2015 Geronimo Outing Fact Sheet

Troop 365 will attend summer camp at Camp Geronimo this year from June 27 - July 4. The total cost of camp will be $375. You can pay the entire amount any time, but we also offered a suggested payment schedule to help break the cost down over time. The troop has set up a payment schedule for summer camp as follows:

  • March 16th: $75
  • April 13th: $100
  • May 18th: $100
  • June 15th: $100

Mr. Oless will be collecting payment for summer camp this year. Please make all checks payable to Troop 365. See him at the next troop meeting to make payments summer camp. There is NO online sign up for Summer Camp. You must speak to Mr. Oless and make a deposit on camp to sign up for camp ASAP!

Mr. Hetrick, Mr. Mobley, and Mr. Oless will co-chair summer camp this year. Unlike Camp Raymond, you will need to select your merit badges as soon as possible. Camp Geronimo runs merit badge classes on a preset schedule.

Visit the Council Web Page for Camp Geronimo for detailed information about the camp and merit badges.

Don't forget that you can apply your troop account balance to your summer camp registration fee. Scouts can build their troop account throughout the year by using the Fry's Food Store gift card account program as well as participating in the Flag Fundraiser by placing and retrieving flags from subscribers yards during 6 federal holidays each year. Your account balance is calculated in early June before the last camp payment is due.

Visit the Troop Summer Camp web page for full information about Summer Camp.

Community Service Opportunity

Posted by tking on Apr 21 2015 - 9:05am

Citizens for North Phoenix Strays holds pet adoptions every Sat and Sun from 11 am to 4 pm at Petco Happy Valley - 2501 W Happy Valley Road and desperately need help with the following:

Getting the 10+ dogs unloaded on Sat morning.....walking them throughout the day, spending time with the shy ones to help them come out of their shell, loading them back into the foster home cars at the end of the day, cleaning up Petco.

If you are interested in community service this would be the perfect opportunity.  We are looking for ongoing volunteers and would like to come up a weekly shift schedule so the entire 11-4 is covered.

Please contact me if you are interested.  Rose 347-308-0352

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