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Greetings! Troop 365 is a boy-run troop based in Glendale, Arizona. Our troop is chartered and meets weekly at the Community Church of Joy on Monday evenings.

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Contact Information

Posted by rwwilson on Nov 17 2014 - 8:33pm

Hi Scouts!

Just a reminder: If you have any outdated contact information that you need to change, please send me your updated phone/ e-mail address to: richard@bpwilson.com.

Patrol Music Video Contest - Entries Due Nov.24th

Posted by tking on Nov 17 2014 - 10:11am

Patrols will be competing against each other in a music video contest. You will need to choose a song and have it approved. Then, you will have 2 weeks to make a music video to the song you chose with your patrol. During those 2 weeks, you could meet at someone's house or a park to film the video. Edit the video and put the song you chose with it. All videos must be submitted by November 24th and contain scout appropriate content. If you have any questions, you can text or call Kody Combes. Have fun Scouts!

Nov. 28th 10 Commandment Hike

Posted by tking on Nov 12 2014 - 9:29am

The troop will be participating the Grand Canyon Council's 10 Commandment Hike on Friday, November 28th. Mr. Rideout is organizing this event and we will meet at the Church of Joy at 6:30 AM and carpool to the hike starting location and return around 4:30 PM. The fee is $5 and you must register and pay online on the council web site as well as registering here on the troop web site to indicate you plan to attend and meet up for the carpool.

This will be a Council event in North Phoenix that explores the diversity of religions in our community. We hike as a single group to each stop. We are by greeted by a presenter who will briefly discuss a Commandment, their religion and their House of Worship. The presentation concludes with answering a few questions pertaining to the stop. It is open to all: Scouting youth, their families and friends, and other groups with their leaders and friends. This year’s hike will take place in the North Central neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ. All hikers must bring and carry their own water. Water refill stations will be available throughout the hike. Stay hydrated.

Those interested in working on the Architecture Merit Badge can review the requirements in advance. There will be someone available to point out different types of buildings Be sure to bring a camera.

Thunderbird District Merit Badge Roundup - Jan. 24th and Feb. 14th 2015 - Registration Open

Posted by tking on Nov 11 2014 - 7:02am

The Thunderbird District Merit Badge Round Up will be held January 24th and February 14th, 2015 (must attend BOTH dates). This is a district level event held at the LDS Deer Valley Stake Building at 2939 W. Rose Garden Lane in Phoenix. Scouts may register for up to 3 merit badges. When a scout register for 3 classes, at least one of the classes must be an elective - you may take up to two Eagle required badges total out of the 3 classes.

Citizenship Merit Badge Classes @ 6:30 PM

Posted by tking on Nov 9 2014 - 11:04am

Mr. Willse has returned for the winter and will be offering to meet with scouts at 6:30 PM on Mondays for the Citizenship in the Community, Nation and World badges. If you are interested, please come at 6:30 PM and bring a signed blue card from the Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Book, and Merit Badge worksheet for each badge you are interested in earning.

November 21st - 23rd: Titan Missile/Pima Air Museum Base Camp

Posted by tking on Nov 3 2014 - 1:51pm

Scouts are invited to experience the Titan Missile Museum and the Pima Air Museum. The troop will camp at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. All adults going on this trip will need to turn in a copy of their drivers license. Please enlarge your copy to Dave Nicholas before the 21st of November. Adults will not be allowed on the Air Force Base without a pass.  On Saturday morning, we will visit the Titan Missile Museum at 1580 W. Duval Mine Rd in Green Valley.  Our tour begins at 9:00 AM. There is no charge for scouts in their class A uniforms. Adult admission is $9.50. The Titan Missile Silo was built during the Cold War and our tour will take us through all levels of the complex including the missile launch control room.  On Saturday afternoon, we will visit the Pima Air Museum at 6000 E Valencia Road Tucson. Scouts in class A are free. Adults are $15.50. This museum is vast and has numerous buildings to visit.  It includes aircraft from World War II to present day; there are usually veterans at some of the airplanes to talk about the history.  We will also visit the Pima Air Museum on Sunday morning to complete our tour.  Be prepared for a campfire on Saturday night with skits, songs, stories, and games by patrol.

COSTS:  $25 trip fee plus your share of patrol food.  Adults will need to bring an additional $25 for admission to the museums. Additionally, you may want to bring some spending money for the museum gift shops/snacks (optional). If a scout does NOT bring/wear their Class A Uniform, they will need to pay for admission to the museum(s).


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