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Knot Apps for your Phone

Posted by tking on Aug 19 2014 - 8:59am

In keeping with this month's theme of knots, the latest addition of Scouting Magazine has information about 3 knot tying apps for iOS or Android:

  • Animated Knots by Grog
    From the Albright Knot to the Zeppelin Bend, this app shows you how to master mega-bunches of knots, arranged in categories, including Basic, Boating, Fishing, Scouting and more. Grog also gives you detailed descriptions of each knot's uses, advantages, and disadvantages. Its motto? "Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it." $4.99 for iOS or Android.
  • How To Tie Knots 3D
    This 3-D animated app wants to be your "personal assistant" in learning more than 45 essential knots. Animated step-by-step directions - "Cross the running end over itself to make a small loop" - shed plenty of light on the subject. $1.99 for iOS, free for Android.
  • Knots 3D
    Good pause and speed controls for the rotational views make this app a standout way to learn more than 90 knots. You'll find brief histories of the knots and explanations of some unusual knot names, and you can use your finger to spin the knot and see how it looks from any angle in 3-D. 99 cents for iOS and Android.

Of course, nothing beats the resource of our own cast of Forest Friendly Fred, Granny Knot Gordon, Right Knot Ambelang, Wilderness Webster, and Safe Scout Sheila. Video available soon online!

Troop 365 Popcorn Fundraiser

Posted by tking on Aug 18 2014 - 11:52am

Our troop will be participating in the BSA Popcorn Funrdaiser sale this year.

Why Sell:

  • 35-38% of all sales go to our unit! 38% if we opt-out of prizes
  • Reach $600 earn brand new 2014 Zing Air ZX Crossbow
  • Reach $1,500 = New Uniform + 1 week Summer Camp
  • Reach $2,500 = Trail’s End Scholarship and 6% of your total sales each year is invested in YOUR own scholarship account. Once you hit that amount sign-in here: https://scholarship.trails-end.com/

3 Ways to Sell:

  • On-line
    • Register: sell.trails-end.com  website
    • Email friends and family
  • Take Orders (In-Person) with a parent
    • How: Write checks to BSA365
  • Show and Sell (4 dates below)

Don’t want to sell popcorn: Military Donations!!! 

Important Dates and Information:

  • August 1: On-line Sale Start
  • September 1: Take Orders Begin
  • September 20; 9 am – Noon: Show and Sell @ Safeway 2799 - 28455 N Vistancia Blvd
    • 2 Scouts
    • 2 Adults
  • September 27; 3 pm – 6 pm: Show and Sell @ Safeway 2799 - 28455 N Vistancia Blvd
    • 2 Scouts
    • 2 Adults
  • October 4; Noon – 3 pm: Show and Sell @ Fry's 074 - 8375 W Deer Valley Rd (83rd Ave & Deer Valley Rd)
    • 3 Scouts
    • 2 Adults
  • October 18; Noon – 3 pm: Show and Sell @ Fry's 073 - 6625 W Happy Valley Rd (67th Ave & Happy Valley Rd)
    • 3 Scouts
    • 2 Adults
  • October 20(or before): Take Orders and Money Due @ Meeting
  • October 24: On-line Popcorn may end
  • November 17 (no exception J): Take Orders Delivered @ Meeting; You deliver your orders after this date

For Questions please call or text Mrs. Beltram.

C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Canoe Trip: Sep. 19-21

Posted by tking on Aug 18 2014 - 11:29am

Our first troop-wide outing will be to the C.C. Cragin (formerly Blue Ridge) Reservoir September 19-21. This beautiful lake is known for it's cool, deep, clear water, unique swimming sports, and fishing. All scouts will need a current BSA medical form and have passed the BSA Swim Test. If you are unable to pass the swim tests, we can make arrangements for your to canoe with a BSA Lifeguard. The trip fee is $15 per scout/non-driving adult plus your share of patrol food and $10 for lunch on the road on Sunday.

Download the Fact Outing Sheet and Register Online HERE.

West Clear Creek High Adventure Backpack: Aug. 30th - Sep. 1st

Posted by tking on Aug 18 2014 - 11:10am

The next outing is planned for Labor Day weekend to West Clear Creek Canyon. This is a high adventure outing, meaning scouts must be 14 years of age or have Scoutmaster approval to attend. This backpack adventure will be 14 miles round trip and include swimming through narrow canyons in a very remote section of the West Clear Creek Wilderness area as well as a visit to "Hanging Gardens". The cost is $15 plus your share of patrol food and $10 for snacks on the road.

You can download the Fact Outing Sheet AND register online HERE.

August/September Camping Information

Posted by tking on Aug 13 2014 - 12:08pm

The PLC has returned from their annual planning retreat and a calendar has been drafted. While the entire calendar is not released until the last week of September, there are a few camp outs scheduled before that date and they have been posted so you may plan for them in advance. Fact Outing Sheets will be released as soon as possible:

  • August 30 (depart 6 AM) - September 1st (Return 3 PM): HIGH ADVENTURE (14+) Backpack of West Clear Creek
    This was previously the Havasupai Trip which had to be changed due to no available reservations. This trip is for high adventure only - ages 14+ or with Scoutmaster permission. Mr. Rideout is the SM for this trip. Mr. Brunmeier is the Committee Member for this trip.
  • September 19-21st: Blue Ridge Canoe Trip (Open to All Scouts/Adults)
    ASM for this trip is Mr. Ambelang. Do we have a volunteer Committee Member for this trip? If so, please contact Mrs. King.
  • September 26-28th: Geezer Retreat at Forest Lakes (Annual Geezer Patrol/Adult Leader Planning Meeting)
    This event is for geezers (adults) only. Don't forget your frisbee! Questions? Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Rideout will coordinate this retreat.

You can begin signing up for these camp outs (if applicable) online now. More information will be available online soon as well as at the upcoming troop meetings.

IMPORTANT: Troop Meetings Moved to Mondays at 7 PM Effective Aug. 18th at The Bridge Building

Posted by tking on Jul 30 2014 - 8:20pm

Due to constraints of the Church of Joy's room availability and the needs of our troop for space, our troop meetings will now be held on MONDAYS at 7 PM instead of Tuesdays. We will have a new location as well - the CCOJ Bridge building (Kid Kountry is no longer available with all the changes and construction taking place). The Bridge building is the large circular front building that is just north of the worship center. It will be a very nice location for the troop that will adequately meet our needs. The church was unable to offer us a large enough space on Tuesday evenings. We realize that this is short notice for those of you planning your fall schedule, but we were without any other options. Please direct questions to our COR, Mr. Andrews or to Committee Chair, Mrs. Buchanan.

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